It’s here!!! Be Your Own Chef Cookbook is officially available for purchase! The book comes in either a paperback, spiral-bound format or as an ebook (PDF). If you purchase the paperback book, you can also take advantage of the special offer to buy the ebook for just $5.00 extra.

Be Your Own Chef is filled with nearly 180 pages of my delicious recipes, tips, and ingredient alternatives. My hope is that this book will encourage you to get excited about cooking as opposed to it simply being an obligation. It’s about trying new ideas and learning how to incorporate herbs and spices into your food. The alternatives in each recipe allow you to substitute ingredients based upon your desired tastes and diet. If you’re following a gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian diet, this all-in-one cookbook provides helpful alternatives for your needs. These swaps also offer some helpful options for those with food allergies. For example, if you cannot eat peanut butter, try the peanut-free alternative that tastes just as good as the original. Be Your Own Chef offers budget-friendly tips and alternatives, as you will use ingredients in multiple recipes. Instead of letting ingredients go to waste after just one use, you’ll find many uses for them throughout.

I appreciate your support of my blog and this book. I’m excited to share my recipes, tips, and alternatives with you. Please provide feedback in the comments section below or via email at