Breakfast Smoothie



1 banana

4-6 oz frozen concentrated orange juice

½ – 1 tsp vanilla extract

1 ½ cups ice

1- 2 cups milk

2 -4 oz whip topping (fat free) (optional)



1. In blender, add banana, frozen concentrated orange juice, vanilla extract, ice, and milk.

2. Blend until desired consistency.

3. Pour into cups.

4. Add whip topping (optional) to top.  Serves 2-3.



Original Ingredient: Replace With:
banana strawberries or ½ – ¾ cup yogurt 
frozen concentrated orange juice frozen concentrated lemonade or lime juice 
milk soy, rice, or oat milk 
whip topping (fat free) canned whipped cream, rice whip,  soy whip, or  mix/whisk heavy whipping cream