When you are up at the salad bar and deciding on what to eat, here are a few things to think about.

– The food items at the start of the line are less expensive than the items in the middle and towards the end.  Example of those inexpensive food items  are the carrots and iceberg lettuce.

– The food items in the beginning of the salad bar line that are in the larger containers are the less expensive foods.

– The more expensive foods are in the small containers.  Examples of the more expensive food items are the nuts, fruits, the fancier cheeses, and real bacon bits.

– Restaurants know that we will pile on more food in beginning of the salad bar line.  By the end of the line, our plates are so full of food that we do not have room to add a lot of the higher priced foods.  The conclusion of all this is that the restaurant saves money by not having to buy as much of the expensive food items.