Several years ago, I read and loved the book Heaven is For Real. This book depicts Heaven in a way that makes it more real to most of us who have never seen it. In the book, the Burpo family shares their son Colton’s account of meeting his unborn sister in heaven. After being pregnant for two months, Sonja Burpo had a miscarriage, and she never knew whether the baby was a boy or girl. Colton revealed to his family that they had a daughter in heaven who met him at the gate upon his arrival.

This book came alive to me after my own miscarriage at two months of my identical twins, Angel and Joy. Today, I had the opportunity to meet the Burpo family one-on-one after their interview at CBN. I wanted to thank them for sharing about their own miscarriage, as it gave me hope and peace that I will see my babies again. They welcomed me with open arms into the green room. As I shared with them about my miscarriage, I cried, and they wept with me. Sonja came over to me, put her arm around me, and prayed for me. As she prayed, Colton and Todd also laid hands on me. Then, they signed a copy of my book, and also signed and gave me a copy of their new book, Heaven Changes Everything. This book offers daily devotions, including encouragement for women who have miscarried and/or lost a child.