Much like a beautiful painting or a musical performance, cooking is an art form. It’s about adding your own personal touch to everything you make. Most cookbooks are written so you follow specific measurements and ingredient lists. You won’t find that in this cookbook. Filled with 180 pages and over 125 recipes, Be Your Own Chef is all about inspiring you to be creative in the kitchen with each recipe you make.

With each recipe, you are the chef! Each person craves slightly different flavors. So, you are given an approximate range of measurements as a helpful guideline in each recipe, but you decide what suits your own tastes! While baking requires you to include specific measurements, cooking allows you the freedom to experiment with herbs and spices to reach that perfect, desired flavor.

In addition, Be Your Own Chef includes alternative ingredients in each recipe. Many recipes include some of the same ingredients, saving you time and money and preventing wasted food. Since you may not prefer a certain ingredient, you have the ability to swap it for another, using the same guideline measurement for the original ingredient. Alternatives don’t stop there!

If your diet includes certain restrictions, check out the alternative ingredients suitable for your needs at the bottom of each page. Each recipe provides swaps for vegans, vegetarians,  gluten-free eaters, and more.  Even if an alternative isn’t listed, you still have the freedom to make the swap yourself.  Remember, this book is all about being your own chef!

Also, check out the tip sections on each page for helpful tidbits about easier ways to prepare food, how to store certain ingredients to maintain a longer shelf life, and how to save a little money in the process. The tips and alternatives for each recipe are found on the same page as the recipe itself, so you don’t have to waste time flipping pages to find what you’re looking for.

Cooking is your blank canvas. Be Your Own Chef will hopefully inspire you to own your kitchen and create a work of art. Order your copy today!


1. Spicing It Up
2 .Tongue Pleasers
3. Breakfast & Breads
4. More Than Salads
5. Go-withs
6. All in One Pot
7. All in the Middle
8. Something Smells Fishy
9. All About the Meat
10. Beyond the Border
11. Something Sweet